A day of hope for cancer patients: World Rose Day

How spread happiness on this Rose Day among cancer patients?

Every year 22nd September is celebrated as World Rose Day. It is for a cancer patient.

Generally, Rose flowers are often discussed on Valentine’s Day itself, but apart from this, this day also has special significance for sharing the sorrows of cancer victims.

This day is specially dedicated to all cancer patients. The purpose of celebrating this day is to bring hope and encouragement to the victims of cancer. Also, it brings happiness to their lives by sharing their sorrows.

It is also important to spread awareness about cancer.

We know that cancer is a deadly disease, so it is very important to know about it. Because only the right information can cure it. The physical pain with which that patient suffers, we can only guess, as well as this disease also makes a person mentally weak.

In such a situation, it is very important to strengthen their spirits and keep their hopes alive.

Along with this, you can fill them with enthusiasm by giving them a day or a gift or rose.

Share the pain of cancer victims among people and friends.

History of World Rose Day

There is a story behind every day, similarly, there is a story behind this Rose Day too.

This is the story of Melinda Rose who lives in Canada.

Rose Day is celebrated on 22 September of every year in memory of Melinda.

Melinda had blood cancer and her doctor had said that she would be able to survive only for a maximum of 1 week, but her courage and passion kept them alive for 6 months.

During the days of her illness, she used to meet many cancer patients and started spending more and more time with them, which gave her a lot of happiness.

In the end, fighting this disease, she left the world on 22 September.

World Rose Day is celebrated every year on 22 September in memory of Melinda Rose.

How you can share happiness on World Rose Day

  • By giving hand-made roses or flowers of real bloom you can bring a smile to the face of cancer patients.
  • Give them encouragement and courage to fight cancer.
  • You can inspire your acquaintances, friends.
  • Start campaigns on social media can help a cancer patient.
  • You can spend some time with them and also make some good plans with it to go outside or picnic.

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